RGBW Strip WireLess Shield V1.0 (with support OTA update)

Item #: EL-CDD01221R
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    RGBW Stripe Wireless Shield has 4 PWM output to connect RGBW LED Strip. Anyone can handle a load of 1.5 A with a voltage of 5 to 24 V. Integrated control in 5 Arduino easily provide power from the input power supply. Self-renewing fuse protects LED Strip over current. For remote control RGB tape used popular transceiver nRF24L01+. The most interesting is that the board has a memory, and you can now update the firmware of your Arduino through the air!


    • Compatibility with 12 - 24V RGB LED Strip
    • 4 PWM output (RGBW)
    • On board 64kb SPI flash / E2prom (for OTA firmware updates)
    • Built-in Auto LED RF activity (for nRF24L01 +)
    • Mini transceiver 2.4G nRF24L01 +
    • Self-renewing fuse
    • Built-in button
    • 3 GROVE-compatible connector: I2C

    Package list

    • RGBW Strip WireLess Shield x 1


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