RGB LED Chain - 20 LED Addressable

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    Let there be light(s)! This festive string of addressable RGB LEDs can add color to indoor or outdoor displays. Much like our addressable LED strips, this chain of lights is composed of 20 individually sealed 10mm RGB LEDs and drivers. The driver for this chain is our old friend, the WS-2801 constant current LED driver. The WS2801 is a common, well-supported driver and example code is available for various microcontrollers. The 2-wire control scheme allows you to control the entire chain over only two GPIOs and because data cascades across the drivers, you can chain as many of these together as you can power!

    The chain is about 7 feet long with 3" of ribbon cable between each light. It's terminated on either side with a locking 3-pin connector, one male and one female, for ground, data and clock connections. The ground and power are also broken out to bare wire leads on either end. The LEDs mount snugly into a 7/16" hole.

    Note: There are no labels on the wires. You can look at the example code or hook it up as follows: clock - blue, data - green, red - VCC, yellow - GND. There is a black arrow on the underside of the LEDs which indicates the direction of the strand. Also, the datasheet below indicates these chains to contain 32 LEDs per meter, this is incorrect. Each chain holds about 10 LEDs per meter.


    • IP66
    • Rated Voltage 5VDC
    • WS2801 IC
    • 20 LEDs per chain
    • 7' long, about 4" between centers


    • [Datasheet](http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/LED/WS2801 LED pixel.pdf) (WS2801)
    • Arduino Library