Laser-Guide Kit

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    This laser-guide kit is used for object detections with laser, the kits includes an laser emitter, laser modulator, laser receiver and a lens, the laser modulator modulates the laser, which emittes from laser emitter, to180Khz, when the laser echos back, the laser receiver receives the signal, and reports the MCU.With the advantage of laser, this kit can detects object white-color or black-color in a range of more than 50cm. please refer to here for the Demos.

    Please install the components as below:


    • Suggestion:Add a potentiometer in L11 and R15;
    • The CAP C11(47uF or 1uF) is nesseary;
    • IN: Signal for Arduino;OUT:Arduino output to control the laser emitter works or not;
    • When black object detected, the IN signal is \u201c1\u201d,LED(L12)off, and vice versa;


    • Samrt Car
    • black-color line detection


    • Working Votage: DC3V~5V
    • Working Current: 30mA
    • Laser wavelength:650nm
    • Detecting range: >50cm( Need adjustment manually )