Predator- 4WD Metallic Mobile Platform

Item #: EL-RPL11404WD
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    4WD Metallic Mobile Platform – Predator adheres to the spirit with strong power and complete function, and it is the best companion for you to enter into the robot world where you can make your own robot mobile platform. The Predator platform is all metallic, make it stable and reliable in challenging environment. It consists of Predators skeleton, gear motor, wheel etc. The Predator skeleton is made up of aluminium alloy plate with firm but pliable texture which can carry, display and connect sorts of accessories in your project, in our experiment, Predators carried a load of 20kg and works well. Its 4 powerful gear motors, with a torque of 5 and a speed of 77 r/min, makes the predators powerful enough for most of mobile applications. Besides, other accessories such as the 80mm wheels, cooper cylinder and acrylic guard plate that make the platform to be a completely mobile platform. Predator is a suite of open-platform. It is convenient for users to install all kinds of components through the hole sites on the board. With Arduino board and related Motor drivers, make your own Predator, to overcome any rugged path and challenging environment. There are 3 models with different color available for you to choose: Gold, Black and Silver, Please specify the color you want in your order. The default color would be Gold.


    • Strong and Firm
    • Solid shell, awesome profile
    • Easily integrated with controllers such as Arduino
    • Open and expandable, free to place other components into circuit to make a personal mobile platform.


    • Predator Skeleton;
    • High Quality Wheel x4;
    • Large Torque Motors x4;
    • Battery Holder x1;
    • Switch Cable x1;
    • Wheel Coupler x4;
    • Screws and Nuts