Servo - Hitec HS-755HB (1/4 Scale)

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    This powerhouse is the Hitec HS-755HB servo. Able to take in 6 volts and deliver an impressive 183 oz-in. of maximum torque at 0.23 sec/60°, this is a tough 1/4 scale servo and it won;t let you down when you need it!

    This high quality servo is perfect for your mechatronic needs and if you are looking to get into robotics, this is where to start. The HS-755HB servo comes standard with a 3-pin gold plated power and control cable and all hardware listed below.


    • 1x HS-755HB Servo
    • 1x Circle Mega Horn
    • 2x Double Arm Mega Horn
    • 2x Single Arm Mega Horn
    • 4x Rubber Grommets
    • 4x 2x15mm Phillips Screw
    • 4x Brass Eyelets


    • Voltage: 4.8-6.0 Volts
    • Torque: 153/183 oz-in. (4.8/6.0V)
    • Speed: 0.28/0.23 sec/60° (4.8/6.0V)
    • Direction: Clockwise/ Pulse Traveling 1500-1900usec
    • Rotation: 180°
    • 1 Ball Bearing and 1 Oilite Bushing
    • Karbonite Gears
    • 3-Pole Ferrite Motor
    • C1 Standard Spline* 59 x 29 x 50mm
    • Wire Length: 300mm
    • Weight: 110g