Beginner - Basic Kit for Arduino (With Crowduino)

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        This Bacis Kit for Arduino is the perfect kit for you to dive into the electronics and Arduino world. It includes the Crowduino main board and the most popular accessories for a first-time user to learn about the Arduino hardware, software and general electronics theory. The detailed guide book, which includes 13 step-by-step basic experiments, helps you creating small, simple, and easy-to-assemble circuits. It is straight forward, includes diagrams, codes, explanations, and additional instructions, with which you can understand all about the projects, to get the necessary skills needed to progress beyond the book.

        Beginner - Basic Kit for Arduino (With Crowduino)


    • With a printed guide book, which include 13 basic experiments
    • The Tailor-made box made the whole kit very compact and easy to carry around
    • The experiments are carefully selected, make you easy to learn about Arduino

    Package list

    • Crowduino?Red one, not same as the picture) PCBA x1
    • USB Cable(Crowduino compatible) x1
    • Printed guide book x1
    • 5mm Red LED x5
    • 5mm Green LED x5
    • 5mm Yellow LED x5
    • RGB LED(Common cathode) x2
    • 220 OHM Resistor x20
    • 680 OHM resistor x10
    • 1K Resistor x10
    • 10K Resistor x10
    • 470K Resistor x10
    • 390PF cermic capacitors x2
    • IN4007 Diode x2
    • Buzzer x1
    • Tilt Switch x2
    • 50K Potentiometer x1
    • Photoresister sensor x2
    • LM35 Temperature sensor x1
    • Four Digit Numeric Display(common cathode) x1
    • Flame Sensor x1
    • 1602 LCD Display Module(Blue) x1
    • 40 Pin 20cm Dule Male Jumper Wire x1
    • Basic Breadboard x1
    • 9V Battery Connector x1
    • Tact Switch x5
    • Clear Case x1

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