Coreless DC Motor - 18000 RPM

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        Coreless dc motors, also know as slotless, ironless, basket wound, or cup motors, offer numerous features and benefits that differentiate them from iron core or slotted dc motors relatives, these corless motors are a marvel of modern engineering! They combine rare earth magnets with a coreless design to produce high torque & speed motor with only a 6 mm diameter. Originally designed for vibration functions in mobile phones, these come without the weight and are finding increasing applications in models, miniature toys, medical instruments and many miniaturised consumer applications.

        Coreless DC Motor - 18000 RPM


    • Size: 6mm x 12mm
    • Working Voltage: 3V
    • Speed: 18,000 RPM
    • Roller diameter: 0.6mm

    Package list

    • Coreless DC Motor x1
    • propeller x1

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