SD Card Socket Module

Item #: EL-COI00012S
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    This SD card socket module helps you using SD card in your project. Install a SD card into the socket and connect this module to arduino with jumper wire, with the given SD card library, you can write and read data with the SD card in your project.Please connect this module to Arduino as following:
    • CS: D4
    • MOSI: D11
    • MISO: D12
    • SCL: D13


    • Voltage:3.3V or 5V
    • SPI communication
    • Stand SD card\u0103\u20ac\x81SDHC card and TF card compatible
    • Fully supported SD Library
    • Supported Card Type:SD card(<=16G); Micro SD card(<=2G); SDHC card(<=16G)