Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield (8A 22V)

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        The Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Shield is composed of 2 discrete MOSFET H-bridge, designed to drive two DC motor with max current 8A. It is made up of 8 N-channel MOSFET IRF3205S and 4 pcs of half bridge motor controller IR2104, to build 2 H-bridge. With this shield and the Arduino board, users can control and drive motors with a max current 8A@ 22V. The universal 7.4~11.1V lipo battery that are popular used in the remote car and model airplane can be applied as well.

        The H-Bridge Motor Shield can be controlled by simply applying logic 0 or 1 to the direction pins for that motor and a PWM signal to the speed pin. In this way, speed and direction of two separate motors can be controlled independently. Note that the PWM signal on the P_1 and P_2 can be 0~99%, but 100% high signal (logic 1) not works because of the motor controller IR2104 boost circuit.

        Besides, the H-bridge motor shield PCB has a copper thickness of 2 oz, which make it supports larger current flow and stable. It would be your best choice creating your applications that needs large driver current for your DC motor.

        Thank Gareth Yemm for making this great video. 


    • Uses the IRF3205S MOSFET, which support max current up to 110A
    • Uses Half bridge motor controller IR2104, to avoid H-bridge shortage.
    • 2 Channels
    • Operating Voltage: 6- 22V
    • Continuous output current: 8 Amps
    • Peak output current: 15 Amps
    • PWM Duty: 0~99%
    • 2 oz cupper thickness, ensure larger current flow