2WD Mobile platform Kit

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    This a well designed,2WDmobile robot development platform,you can build it and program it easily with tons of published free codes. Compare with the other mobile platform, this platform has 2gear motor with encoder disk, which makes it easy to control the speed, with acrylic board and mounting holes, you can add Variety of sensors to make it more interesting.The Crowduino, and elecrow motor shield , would be perfect to control&drive this platform to make your own mobile car.
    This kit is easy to assembling. with the user guide, you can assemble all the parts with a few minutes.


    • 2WD Arduino compatible mobile robot development platform
    • 2 high-quality micro-speed motor
    • Tough PMMA body with mounting holes
    • Variety of sensors can be added
    • 2WD Mobile platform Motors: 3-6V DC
    • With Opto Interrupter With Holder, you can get the speed easily.

    Packing List

    • 3D manual: x1
    • Backplane: x1
    • Gear motor: x2
    • Wheel: x2
    • Encoder disk: x2
    • Universal wheel: x1
    • Battery box: x1
    • And other mechanical parts