Hall Sensor - A3144E (5pcs pack)

Item #: EL-SPM31441S
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    This is a Hall-effect switches sensor that integrated circuits with tighter magnetic specifications, it can work at +150?C temperatures Environment.and is more stable with both temperature and supply voltage changes.
    It has a voltage regulator, reverse battery protection diode,quadratic Hall-voltage generator, temperature compensation circuitry, small signal amplifier,schmitt trigger, and an open-collector output.


    • Superior Temp. Stability for Automotive or Industrial Applications

    • 4.5 V to 24 V Operation ? Needs Only An Unregulated Supply

    • Open-Collector 25 mA Output ? Compatible with Digital Logic

    • Reverse Battery Protection

    • Activate with Small, Commercially Available Permanent Magnets

    • Solid-State Reliability

    • Small Size

    • Resistant to Physical Stress

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