SW-200D Tilt switches (5pcs pack)

Item #: EL-SMSW200D
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        Use this SW200D Tilt switch in your next project. it can be used with horizontal tile detecting, vertical flip detecting and vibration detecting.
    it is widespread used in Digital camera rotate, Automotive devices, Home electrical appliances, Communication devices, Toys.


    • SW-200D is dual ball type tilt sensitive trigger switch.
    • When the products tilt to the conductive terminal (silver-feet pin end A) and the tilt angle more than 10degree, it will be a opened circuit  ?OFF-stated? . When the products of horizontal placed tilt change, the trigger terminal (gold-feet pin end C) is below the horizontal tilt angle and more than 10degree, It will be a closed circuit ?ON-stated?.
    • In a horizontal position, be easy to trigger with a shaking. or not when silver foot down.
    • Product completely airtight, waterproof, dustproof
    • In the normal,switchlifespancan reach10,0000 cycles



    • Dimension: 5mm