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    The Vibration Switch - SW-18020P is made by metal materials and plastic pipe manufacturing, the product have a high sensitivity, will not be interference by the outside sound.

Application Idea

  • Vibration detecting
  • Electronic scales


  • SW-18020P series are spring type, no directional vibration sensor trigger switch, any angle can trigger.
  • Switch is open circuit OFF-state, when it is static, when external force to touch and corresponding vibration, or movement speed achieve adequate (partial) centrifugal force, conductive pick feet will produce instant conductivity is instant ON-state, when external force disappear, switch back to open circuit OFF-state.
  • In the normal, switch life can reach 20,0000 cycles lifespan
  • Electrical Characteristics: Voltage: <12V Current: <20mA Conductive time: 2ms Closed resistance: <30 ohm Open resistance: >10M ohm Mechanical characteristics: Temperature range: Storage: -40?C to 80?C, Operating: -40?C to 80?C