Wiegand Sensor- WG214

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        A Wiegand sensor is provided as a power source for an external circuit, wherein an alternating magnetic field changes the magnetic state of a Wiegand wire within the Wiegand sensor produces a substantial output pulse that is provided as a power source for the external circuit or can be recognized by microcontroller.

        When the Wiegand sensor works, it directly transform the magnetic signal into electrical signal. The working mode is bipolar triggering, it triggers once as the magnetic field changes one circle.

    This Wiegand sensor outputs pulse 10~50us for a magnetic change circle, Arduino can count this signal for magnetic change, a shaping circuit can be also used to change this signal to digital, to make it more easy to detect and count for controllers.

        Wiegand Sensor- WG214


    • Model number: WG214
    • Triggering Magnetic flux density B?mT?: min: 2.5, typ:7-8, max: 12
    • Output amplitude VO?V: ?1.5
    • Pulse width?(?S?:10?50
    • Operating temperature T???: 20?+125
    • Dimension(mm): 13?7.4?8 mm
    • Appearance : The plastic housing with fixing hole
    • Leading wire: Flexible 2-colour high temperature plastic leading

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