EdSketch Pack

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    EdSketch Pack

    Unlock even more potential using EdSketch with your Edison robot. EdSketch is a two-pack expansion kit, which includes the EdSketch Pen Holder and EdSketch Marker Pens. EdSketch enriches students’ STEAM education experience, incorporating art into programming projects.

    The EdSketch Marker Pen is a dry erase marker designed to work on whiteboards and paper. The Pen Holder easily attaches to the Edison robot and holds the Pen Marker in place, thus allowing students to unlock their artistic potential.

    Each EdSketch Pack contains 10 individual EdSketch Pen Holder attachments and 1 pack of EdSketch Marker Pens (containing 10 individual markers).

    EdSketch Marker Pens

    Note: This pack does not include an Edison robot. Edison robots can be purchased separately

    The EdSketch Marker Pens are a set of dry erase markers designed to work on whiteboards and paper. Each Marker Pen is specifically designed to fit inside the EdSketch Pen Holder.

    Each EdSketch Mark Pen pack contains 10 individual markers (1 x each of red, purple, pink, yellow, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, orange and black).