• Edison Robot V3 - ED-Robot
  • Edison Robot V3 - ED-Robot
  • Edison Robot V3 - ED-Robot
  • Edison Robot V3 - ED-Robot
  • Edison Robot V3 - ED-Robot
  • Edison spare parts pack - ED-ESP010
  • EdSketch Marker Pens - ED-EdSketch-Pens
  • EdSketch Marker Pens - ED-EdSketch-Pens

Edison Robot V3

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    About This Item

    • Rechargeable Battery
    • Charging Station - ideal for classrooms
    • Compatible with Lego 
    • Free resources for teachers
    • EdBlocks Compatible with Chromebooks, Mac, Linux, Android & iPads

    Introducing Edison V3: 

    The Next Evolution in Educational Robotics


    The Edison robot that you know and love just got even better!

    Edison V3 is designed to work with LEGO bricks on four sides. It features removable wheels and a skid, enabling projects involving multiple Edison robots or using the robot's motors for other creations.

    Getting started with Edison has never been easier thanks to our updated Edison V3 guide.

    Introducing Edison V3: The Next Evolution in Educational Robotics - Meet Edison

    Confidence in the Classroom 

    Edison V3 represents a significant leap forward in educational robotics, offering enhanced capabilities and user-friendly features that are sure to inspire a new generation of innovators.

    Getting Started Guidebook

    Barcodes Activity Book 

    3 Programming Interfaces

    Inputs, Outputs & Sensors

    Teacher’s guide to EdBlocks

    Student worksheets & activities

    Rechargeable Battery:

    With over 60 minutes of continuous driving time, students can now engage in extended learning experiences without the worry of running out of power (or the hassle of changing batteries mid-lesson). The inclusion of an internal rechargeable battery enhances convenience, promotes uninterrupted learning in the classroom and importantly, it helps the planet. The internal rechargeable battery is also replaceable, so Edison V3 won’t become e-waste after the battery reaches the end of its life.

    Edison V3 can be charged from any USB-A powered source. For the ultimate classroom charging solution, the new EdCharger allows for the simultaneous charging of up to five Edison V3 robots, streamlining the classroom experience even further.

    USB Programming:

    Edison V3 connects directly to a computer via USB. Simplifying the setup process and ensuring a more stable connection making programming a seamless experience for both beginners and experienced users. The USB cable is always ready to go as it is attached and tucks away neatly.

    Programme with Barcodes

    Edison comes with several pre-set programs already loaded into the robot’s memory. These programs are activated when Edison scans one of the pre-set barcodes. 

    Introducing EdRemote:

    The add-on product you have been asking for, the EdRemote. This remote control, designed to work specifically with Edison V3, offers a dynamic way to interact with Edison V3, opening new possibilities for creative exploration and experimentation. With EdRemote, students can take their robotics projects to new heights, fostering a deeper understanding of programming and robotics. Coming soon to the Edison product range!

    Affordable Excellence:

    Despite these remarkable upgrades, Edison V3 pricing remains the same! Our commitment to STEM education is to make coding, robotics, and STEM affordable and possible for a wide range of educational settings.

    • THREE intuitive and progressive programming interfaces (EdBlocks, EdScratch and EdPy)
    • FREE resources to support teachers and students in the classroom
    • Integrated rechargeable battery
    • EdCharger to charge and store five Edison robots at the time
    • Compatible with the EdRemote (coming soon), and,
    • SUPER affordability making Edison V3 a powerful learning tool within the reach of educators worldwide

    **please note if you install normal non rechargeable AA batteries the Edison will trigger the low battery auto off and the Edison would shut down**

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    Edison Robot V2.0

    What a great piece of kit for an amazing price. I'm not a huge robotics person so when this arrived I was surprised how easy this was to get up and running straight out of the box.

    My children have become attached to Edison and he is now part of the family. We might even have to add another one to the collection!

    Reviewed Auckland in    on

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    Great Education Tool

    This robot is the perfect introduction for young minds into the world of robotics and programming.

    It's a solid, durable machine which it would need to be in the classroom and the starter programs you can get simply by printing the free "mat" on an A4 piece of paper are a great way to get kids instantly engaged.

    The programming interface is also incredibly simple yet powerful enough to string together quite complex tasks. Again, the software is free and can be worked with either online or by downloading an installer.

    There are some minor issues with it in that Edison's sensors can be a little unreliable in certain conditions, for example the sound ("clap") sensor doesn't always recognise two distinct sounds and the proximity sensor can be a bit of a struggle to program correctly.

    If you're printing the free mat out, try to avoid shiny surfaces such as glossy paper or laser printer ink. This can confuse Edison's IR sensor underneath and in sunny or bright conditions it may not recognise boundaries correctly.

    Overall, in terms of affordability and features, this is quite easily one of the best products I've seen for educational use.

    Reviewed Dunedin in    on

    Out of 5