Hotend with 0.8 mm Nozzle - A1 Series

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    Quick Swap Nozzle Design

    The special design of hotend heating assembly enables easy separation of the thermal and electronic components of the hotend. In addition, the magnetic block installed on the hotend heatsink enables quick and accurate fixation of the hotend to its precise mounting position. This feature enhances the convenience of quick swapping, allowing for easy removal and installation of the hotend.

    *Please ensure that the hotend has cooled down before swapping, and avoid touching the heat block (lower section of the hotend) to prevent any risk of burns.

    Highlights of Various Nozzle Diameters

    0.2mm Nozzle
    Optimal Print Fineness

    Extremely small layer gaps
    More detailed on the vertical print surface


    0.2mm Nozzle
    Optimal Print Fineness

    Smaller diameter extrudes thin filaments
    High resolution on the horizontal print surface


    0.6mm and 0.8mm Nozzle
    Faster Print Speed

    Larger diameter extrudes more filaments per second, resulting in faster print speed


    The 0.4mm nozzle is widely recognized as the standard nozzle diameter for modern 3D printers due to its optimal balance between print quality and print speed. This nozzle size is utilized in Bambu Lab A1 Series 3D printers.

    Material0.2 mm Nozzle0.4 mm Nozzle0.6 mm Nozzle0.8 mm NozzleHardened Steel Required?
    General PLAYESYESYESYESOptional
    PLA Sparkle*NOYESYESYESOptional
    PLA Marble*NOYESYESYESOptional
    Wood/Rock/Metal-filled PLA*NOYESYESYESOptional
    Bambu PLA-CF*NO*Highly
    Bambu PETG-CF*NO*Highly


    1. Filaments with carbon fiber, glass fiber, metal, or other inorganic particles are prone to clog a 0.2 mm nozzle.
    2. For filaments containing carbon fiber or glass fiber, it is highly recommended to use a hardened steel 0.6 mm nozzle to minimize the risk of clogging and abrasion.
    3. Bambu PLA-CF and Bambu PETG-CF have been extensively tested and proven to have a low risk of clogging when printed with a hardened steel 0.4 mm nozzle, while also achieving higher print quality.

    Learn more about filament compatibility on Bambu Lab Wiki.


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