Magigoo PPGF - The 3D printing adhesive for Glass Reinforced Polypropylene (single pen)

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    Magigoo PP-GF

    WHAT: Magigoo PP-GF is designed to work exclusively with glass re-insforced polypropylene(GFPP) filaments.This adhesive makes sure prints stick firmly when the print-bed is hot and that the part is easy to remove once it cools.


    Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer exhibiting properties of good strength, impact resistance and ductility making it useful as an engineering material. PP however is a soft material and like most plastics it can be strengthened by the introduction of fibres to make a polymer composite material. These materials are usually stiffer and stronger than the parent polymer and can result in a material with a very high strength to weight ratio. Compared to most virgin PP filaments the GF30PP warps to a higher extent. This type of material requires a completely new adhesive formulation to play to its distinctive characters. .


    Magigoo PP-GF has been designed and tested to work with 30% glass fiber filled Polypropylene

    • Shake the bottle vigorously.
    • Apply to the desired area by pressing the nib on the bed (activating the inner valve) and spreading as needed.
    • Print according to the filament/printer manufacturers recommendations.
    • Allow to cool and Remove. The print should pop right off
    • Clean - Use a damp cloth to wipe off.


    Follow Safety Data Sheet warnings


    • For challenging prints a 20 mm brim with 2 layers is recommended.
    • Clean the build plate and level it well before print.
    • Enclosed printer recommended.
    • Printing speed 20-55mm.