Price: $25.50


Straight Groove V-bits for Snapmaker 2.0 (3 Bits)

The straight groove v-bit is ideal for rotary projects and detailed oriented works. Its special size makes it stand out in most rotary carving tasks and could be customized through Snapmaker Luban (4-axis CNC functionality) to achieve optimal carving results.

Straight Groove V-bits

UF20 tungsten steel alloy with high hardness and wear resistance, not only is it suitable for epoxy tooling material, but it is also compatible with a dozen materials including carbon fibersheet, MDF and ebony.

A better choice for 4-axis CNC

The longer shank and wider flute carve cylinders or similarly shaped objects more efficiently.

High Precision

Adjust settings in Snapmaker Luban software and obtain optimal results with a few small tweaks.


Shank DiameterIncluded AngleTotal LengthFlute LengthTip Diameter

3.175 mm


50 mm

24 mm

0.3 mm

Notes:• This bit is compatible with Snapmaker 2.0 devices and can be used in both 4-axis CNC and regular CNC.• Due to the longer shank, please pay attention to the work speed and step down settings to avoid potential risks of bit breaking and danger.