Ultimaker CC 0.6 Print Core

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    Professional 3D printing just got more accessible. Maximise the print performance and machine uptime with Ultimaker swappable, material-matching print cores. Make the most out of reliable build and support material combinations for geometric freedom or print in dual colour.

    New composites-ready print core

    To enable simple printing of composite materials, we are launching a new print core CC 0.6.

    The new print core CC with a wear-resistant hardened steel nozzle for its S-line 3D printers. This allows for more print capabilities with high-strength composite materials such as carbon fibers, metals, glass, and ceramics. The print core is available in new 0.4mm and updated 0.6mm sizes, replacing the print core CC Red 0.6mm. The 0.4mm-version is well-suited for composite applications with detailed features, thinner lines and a smooth surface finish, while the wider 0.6mm results in a faster print.

    The wear-resistant print core CC is highly suitable for innovative applications that require extra stiffness and rigidity. These include, for example, functional prototypes or manufacturing tools. Furthermore, the hardened steel nozzle and titanium heat break extend the durability of the print core CC. In addition to benefiting from this updated design of our 0.6mm nozzle print core CC, users can now also explore more intricate designs and innovations with the 0.4mm nozzle. As the latter is a third smaller in diameter, users can print parts that require higher visual quality and accuracy, which is key for metal FFF 3D printing.