MindKits was established in December 2008 by Tim Carr after seeing a lack of sites supporting New Zealanders in learning robotics and physical computing. After working away Sundays tinkering Tim decided it was time there was a site that not only sold robotics kit, sensors and Arduinos but was a place for a community around robotics to grow and have somewhere to share ideas and learning.

MindKits was born out of the need to build a framework to make it easy for anyone interested to enter into the world of robotics and feel supported along the way.

The MindKits team are passionate to see you learn and grow and are always happy to lend a hand. Contact us if there's a project you need some advice on or you need to source parts that we may not stock already. We can generally get nearly anything in and are happy to do so.


Best way to get in touch is via email, replying to an invoice email from us or using the contact page on the site. We're always aiming to get back to you the same day if at all possible.

We are physically located in West Auckland

Phone: The team on +64 9 367 7474 please be aware that we are New Zealand based (GMT +12) and your time to call may be the middle of the night for us. We'd hate to wake the MindKits elves - they get grumpy.

Thanks for being here and have fun

Tim - MindKits Chief Ninja

Monthly Meetups

With the growth of Arduino over the last year we've decided to start the Arduino Users Group in Auckland and we'd love it if you came along to say hello and tell us about your projects over a beer.

Tim Carr (that's me) will be hosting and we are looking forward to seeing many of you at the Arduino Users group which runs on the second Thursday of the month.

We use Meetup.com to coordinate the meets and keep you informed of what's going on so we suggest you sign up here and you'll be sure to know exactly what's going on.

We've got some fun plans to bring you a mix of community, entertainment and education so we'd love to see you come along and say hello over a beer and a bit of a chat. It's all rather relaxed so just turn up, say hello and feel free to bring anything along that you're working on.

The Arduino Users Group Includes:

  • Guest speakers - delivering information on current areas of interest or requested info.
  • An opportunity to ask experts for advice and help with problems
  • A show and tell so you can share what you've been working on with others
  • A chance to meet people interested in the same stuff as you
  • A fun way to quench your thirst over a beer
  • Bit or byte swap - exchange your goodies for others stuff