Baron-4WD Arduino Mobile Robot Platform with Encoder

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    The DFRobot 4WD Arduino-Compatible Platform w/Encoders is widely used on the world's self-developed control panel platform. This drive method has a strong obstacle and climbing ability with high strength aluminum alloy body. It features thick acrylic material to eliminate the heavy, fragile thin acrylic material defects. The powerful motor performance, flexible and rapid movement is especially suitable for outdoor grass, gravel, sand, or slope pavement.It is very useful for robot competitions and other research projects. It's car mounting holes is compatible with a variety of sensors. There is enough space within the car to install the battery. It is made with the consideration to facilitate the future expansion of PTZ cameras or more degrees of freedom manipulator. This platform comes with two sets of encoder can be precise control of the car trip, and the closed-loop PID control.

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    • Voltage: +4.5 to 6V
    • TT Geared Motor specifications
    • Wheel diameter: 65mm?2.6 in?
    • Dimensions: Length 230mm?9 in? Width 185mm?7.3 in? high 110mm?4.3 in?
    • Weight: 614 grams (without batteries)
    • Maximum load: 800g



    • Body structural parts x1
    • High-quality rubber wheels x4
    • Micro Gear Motor x4
    • Encoder Kit x1
    • Power Switch x1
    • Charging port x1
    • Installation Line 1 above
    • Cylinders x4
    • Mounting screw x1
    • Infrared proximity switch mounting bracket x3