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We wanted to address a common question we get asked by makers thinking about purchasing their very first laser cutter:

Why does the cost of a laser cutter vary so much from machine to machine?

Laser cutters vary in price for a number of reasons. The cost of a laser cutter is often determined by the the size and power of the machine, the materials it is capable of cutting, and its precision and accuracy.

Laser Cutter Size and Power

Larger and more powerful laser cutters tend to be more expensive, as they are capable of handling a wider range of projects. These machines may also have more advanced features such as higher cutting speeds and larger working areas which can make them more versatile and efficient.

Laser Cutter Material Capabilities

Laser cutters that are capable of cutting a wider range of materials such as metals and composites tend to be more expensive than those that can only cut wood and plastic. This is because cutting these materials requires more powerful lasers and specialised optics, which can drive up the cost of the machine.

Laser Cutter Precision and Accuracy

Precision and accuracy are important factors in the cost of a laser cutter. Machines with higher precision and accuracy may be more expensive, as they require more advanced optics and motion control systems to produce detailed and complex shapes.

At MindKits, we only include laser cutters of the highest quality in our product range Laser cutters that we use ourselves, and trust to deliver excellent results. We are proud to stock the Flux Laser Cutter range, a tried & tested and powerful brand.

Combine this with our local New Zealand support and you have yourself a great value machine. Whether you are just starting out with the Beamo 30W Laser Cutter or need the top of the range HEXA 60W Laser Cutter.

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