D65mm Rubber Wheel Pair - Red (Without Shaft)

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    These are typical rubber wheels for small robot mobile platforms. The tire is soft black rubber with light tread for added traction in rugged terrain.
    An axis adapter is needed which bolts to the back of the hub and mounts to a motor. this adapter(FIT0198) can mount to our Micro DC Geared Motor with Back Shaft(FIT0016).
    These motors are commonly used in our 4WD and 2WD platforms like Turtle (2WD Arduino Mobile Robot Platform), Pirate (4WD Mobile Platform), Baron(Arduino Mobile Robot Platform with Encoder) ....
    We've prepared 3 different colors for you to choose: Red/Blue/Silver. Enjoy!
    You will need our Motor Adapter to fit this into Gear motor.

    • Tire matrerial: Rubber
    • Outside diameter: 65mm(2.56")
    • Tire width: 26mm(1.02")
    • Hub color: Red

    • Rubber wheel x2