Diffused 5mm LED Pack (50 pcs)

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    Have you ever played with LEDs and got hurt in your eyes? This pack of diffused LEDs won't. !Diffused LEDs are really useful in indications, they look softer and more uniformed so that you can see them well from any angle.This pack includes 50 5mm LEDs in 5 different colors: green, red, yellow, blue and white. It is ideal for your phototyping projects. Get this package of all most common color LEDs for your next project. Very handy for experiments and home cooked circuit board.
    Note: The current limiting resistor is necessory when using the LEDs. Find calculator at here.
    • 1.8-2.2V(Red)
    • 3.2-3.4V(Blue,Green,White)
    • 1.7-2.1(Yellow)
    • 620-625nm(Red)
    • 460-465(Blue)
    • 520-525nm(Green)
    • 591-593nm(Yellow)
    Color temperature: 6000-7000K(White)
    • 2000-3000mcd(Red,Green,White)
    • 1000-2000mcd(Blue)
    • 1200-1400mcd(Yellow)
    Max current: 20mA
    Suggested using current: 16-18mA
    • Red Diffused LEDs x10
    • Blue Diffused LEDs x10
    • Green Diffused LEDs x10
    • Yellow Diffused LEDs x10
    • White Diffused LEDs x10