EL Wire 2xAA Pocket Inverter

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    This inverter is the most common way to power EL wire because they tend to be cheap and batteries generally last a long time.
    2 AA Batteries can power an 2.5m strand of EL Wire for about 8-10 hours.We recomend you use the rechargeable batteries, though the operating time might be less.
    It comes with a constant on/off switch and blink mode. Takes 2xAA Battery (not included).
    The battery pack comes with a belt clip you can use that to attach to clothing, hats, etc...
    Battery pack comes with a 2.5mm (0.1") pitch female JST connector.
    NOTE:We recomend to remove the batteries from the inverter when not in use, because on occasion it is hard to tell if a battery pack is still &;ldquo;On&;rdquo;.
    • Size: 90mm x 32mm x 20mm (3.54x1.26x0.79")
    • input voltage: 3v

    • FIT0229 (2xAA Battery Not Included) x1