Price: $16.89

This is an edge detection sensor from DFRobot. It will help your robot detect the edge of a precipice, preventing it from falling off a table or down the stairs to it's certain demise! This IR distance sensor is connected to an arduino digital pin.
  • Edge detection sensor
  • Intelligent Mobile Robotics Platforms
  • Home Cleaning Robots
  • Supply Voltage: 2.7~6.2v
  • Current: &;lt; 10mA
  • Range distance: 1~10cm(0.04~0.39")
  • Interface:Digital Output
  • Signal Voltage: Vcc-0.6v(High) 0.6v(Low)
  • Size: 35x10x15mm(1.38x0.39x0.59")
  • Weight: &;lt; 5g
  • 10cm infrared sensor w/Breakout Board x1
  • Digital Sensor Cable for Arduino x1