Price: $18.43


Note: micro:Maqueen Lite, micro:bit board and battery are not included, you can buy them separately.

Equip Maqueen Plus with this Mechanic- Forklift kit to allow it to simulate the movement of a forklift! Program it to lift an object, fork and transfer items, just like a real forklift in a factory. It is compatible with Maqueen Lite and Maqueen Plus.

This play-and-learn kit comes with rich mechanical knowledge, which could allow students to benefit a lot from hands-on practices! Come and find more fun and interesting ways to play with Maqueen in this kit.

micro: Maqueen with micro:Maqueen Maqueen Mechanic - Forklift

Support for Maqueen 4.0 and later
Support for Maqueen Plus
Metal gear servo, reliable quality
Metal servo connection plate for easy installation
0 ~ 180 deg control angle
Aluminum alloy material, sandblasting oxidation process, excellent quality.

Servo Weight: 12g ± 1g
Control Angle: 0 ~ 180 deg
Metal gear servo, Metal servo connection plate.
Control Ports: S1, S2, S3 (Maqueen Plus).
Standby Current: <45mA


  • Tutorial

    • 9g Metal Gear Servo ×1
    • Metal Arm Servo Base ×1
    • Metal Arm Baseplate ×1
    • Metal Arm Linkage ×3
    • Metal Arm Plate ×1
    • Metal Servo Arm Linkage ×1
    • Metal Forklift Plate ×1
    • M3*15mm Copper Pillar ×2
    • M2.5*5mm Screws ×5
    • M3*5mm Screws ×18