Nano Arm

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    We love Arduino Nano's but always wanted a bit more performance and memory.

    So we decided to source an Arduino Nano compatible board with an upgrade micro-controller that is similar to an Arduino Zero.

    NANO-ARM-Top1.jpg NANO-ARM-Bottom2.jpg NANO-ARM-Top2.jpg

    • Runs at 48MHz (Atmel SAMD21)
    • 256KB FLASH Memory
    • 32KB RAM
    • Pin compatible with Arduino Nano but runs at 3.3V
    • SAMD21 micro-controller same as used on a Arduino Zero's.
    • Built in USB
    • Arduino Zero bootloader pre-loaded.
    • 20 I/O pins with 5 extra pins that can be used for I2C/SPI or I/O
    • 6 Analog Pins(ADC) with 12-bit resolution (4096 resolution point vs Arduino Uno's 1024)
    • 1 Digital to Analog(DAC) pin with 10-bit resolution.
    • Designed and Manufacture in New Zealand




    Power Management

    3.3V Regulation is done with a NCP551 Low-Dropout Voltage regulator.

    • Input Voltage 12V max
    • Output currnet 150mA
    • Very low quiescent current of 4.0uA(Typical)


    Arduino IDE

    Programming a NANO-ARM

    NANO-ARM's are 100% Arduino Zero compatible and the programming process is the same.

    This is the guide as provided with the Arduino Zero : Programming Guide

    Pin Mappings

    Pin mappings for Arduino Zero / NANO-ARM is avaialable from the Arduino Github repository at:


    Version 1.01