MindKits Order On Demand

Bringing all the parts to your door with no hassle!

So you want to order from our buddies at SparkFun in the USA right, or any of our other wonderful suppliers that MindKits brings to you?
Like the rest of us outside the USA, the cost of shipping kills it and you end up paying a big chunk of your order just to get it here. And then there is the hassle of foreign currency conversions and NZ Customs.

The MindKits elves have come up with 'Order on Demand' - So now, everything you can get from Sparkfun.com and our other wonderful suppliers is on MindKits and you don't have to even think about international shipping, foreign currency and conversions, NZ customs or tracking your order. You can even search using Sparkfun product codes right here on MindKits just to help make life easier!

"Order anything from SparkFun.com via MindKits and Order on Demand will bring it in for you - without paying horrid US international shipping or battling customs" -Tim Carr - MindKits Chief Ninja

How Does Order on Demand Work?

  1. Orders are placed with our supplier on the 20th of the month. Get your order in before these dates and your kit will be added to the queue.
  2. Our supplier pack and ship the order to us in New Zealand - this part is out of our hands and generally takes 7 days.
  3. Once your order arrives at MindKits HQ we'll turn it around the same day and overnight it to you via our courier company of choice.

That was easy!

  • Orders over $100 ship for free within New Zealand so you may not have to pay for ANY shipping at all for what once would have cost a small fortune to ship from the USA.
  • You pay in NZD - no watching the exchange rate and kicking yourself when it jumps the next day.
  • You can pay via direct credit or credit card. It's your choice- You're not tied to using a credit card
  • Local contact and someone to talk to if you need a hand - The MindKits team are just an email or call away.
  • Prices are fair - we want to make this system work for you too.

How Do I know If Something Is Order-On-Demand?

  • On the product page it indicates we have zero (or a negative number) in stock but you can still add it to your cart. This will be ordered-on-demand.
  • There is also a blue OOD banner on the product image.
  • Additionally there is a warning on the check-out page if you have order on demand items in your cart.

Can I Split the Shipping For Stocked and Order-On-Demand Items?

Absolutely no problem.

Just add the extra shipment stock item which appears on the cart page and this will let us know to ship what we have now and the rest when it arrives at month end.

Thank you from The MindKits elves!