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3D Printing Cleaning Filament 100grams 2.85mm (3.0mm Compatible)
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MK-Filament Item #: MK-Cleaning300 -

Cleaning Filament is valuable when transitioning between filaments that require different printing temperatures or have very different colours. Cleaning Filament cannot be used to create objects, instead it is a complementary filament to properly maintain your 3D printer.You can use Cleaning Filament to purge the tool head of your 3D printer when going from a high temperature filament to a lower temperature filament, or when transitioning from a dark colour filament to a light colour filament....

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Polymaker Item #: POLY-CAST285 -

PolyCast™ is a filament designed to produce investment patterns for investment casting applications. 3D printing significantly cuts down both the cost and lead time by eliminating the tooling process. PolyCast™ features Polymaker's Layer-Free™ technology and Polymaker's Ash-Free™ technology: Layer-Free™ - Layer-Free™ technology involves exposing a 3D printed part to an aerosol of micro-sized alcohol droplets, generated by a rapidly vibrating, perforated membrane called the nebulizer. The...

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Polymaker Item #: POLY-SUPP285 -

PolySupport™ is a break away support material for Polymaker’s PLA filaments. It has a perfect interface with PLA, strong enough to support it and easily removable by hand. Features: Peel Away - PolySupport™ is a dedicated support material engineered to break away easily by hand without the risk of damaging the part. PolySupport™ offers the quickest part cleanup of any support material. It’s advantage over dissolvable support is that its faster to remove and requires no tools or equipment. For...

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Polymaker Item #: POLY-WOOD285 -

PolyWood™ is a wood mimic filament without actual wood powder, this removes the risk of nozzle clogging that is closely associated with other wood filaments. PolyWood™ is made entirely with PLA using a special foaming technology. It exhibits the same density and appearance as wood. PolyWood™ features Polymaker's Jam-Free™ technology and Polymaker's Stabilized Foaming™ technology: Jam-Free™ - Jam-Free™ technology improves the heat stability of Polymaker’s PLA filaments with softening...

Ultimaker Breakaway Material  750g Spool - 2.85mm (3.0mm Compatible)
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Ultimaker Item #: UM-200551 -

Ultimaker Breakaway material Ultimaker Breakaway is a support material for multi-extrusion 3D printing. Breakaway support is quick to remove and does not need further post-processing for a smooth finish on your 3D print. Designed for a hassle-free 3D printing experience, Breakaway provides good adhesion to ABS, PLA, Nylon, CPE, or CPE+.Technical and safety data sheets can be found here.Reasons to choose Ultimaker BreakawayNo sanding or waiting for your support material to dissolve. Simply...

Ultimaker Cleaning Filament - 2.85mm (3.0mm Compatible)
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Ultimaker Item #: UM-2297 -

Using the Ultimaker 3 cleaning filament is the most effective way to unclog and keep print cores in optimal condition.When to use the Ultimaker 3 cleaning filamentThe Ultimaker 3 cleaning filament is used for both print core maintenance and unclogging procedures. We recommend performing regular maintenance once every three months. Unclog the print core if there is no material extruding from the nozzle for at least ten minutes.How to use the Ultimaker 3 cleaning filamentThis filament can be...