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L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
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L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Double H driver module uses the amply powerful ST L298N dual full-bridge driver to drive a full 2amps per channel and supply 2 channels along with forward and reverse capability. If you're looking to control DC motors in a smart and easy way this is a great option with loads of grunt and reliability. An integrated high voltage, high current dual full-bridge driver designed to accept standard TTL logic levels (pin high, pin low for Arduino) and drive...

Codec-Adaptive Wireless Relay
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Codec-Adaptive Wireless RelayA wireless relay is a codec-adaptive RF receiver with single channel relay. It helps easily deployment of wireless AC control for electrical appliances. Features: Max 30 difference codec, unlimited controller or transmitter of each codec   Adaption of most popular RF remote controller, except rolling code Specification Voltage:  DC12V  Working current: ≤6mA  Working temperature: -30°C ~ +70°C  Frequency: 315MHz...

125Khz RFID module - UART
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Item #: SWRFID125 -

125Khz RFID module - UARTRDM 125KHz card mini-module is designed for reading code from 125KHz card compatible read-only tags and read/write card . It can be applied in office/home security, personal identification, access control, anti-forgery, interactive toy and production control systems etc. FEATURES Support external antenna Maximum effective distance up to 150mm Less than 100ms decoding time UART TTL interface Support EM4100 compatible read only or read/write tags Built-in...

Water Level Sensor
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Item #: SWWater -

Water Level SensorThis sensor is a device used to sense the level of liquid within a tank, it may actuate a pump, an indicator, an alarm, or other devices. Spec:     Cable length: 40cm     Maximum load: 50w     Max Switching votage: 100V DC     Minimum Votage: 250v DC     Maximum Switching Current: 0.5A     Max load current: 1.0A     Max contact resistance: 0.4 Ω...

Seeeduino Stalker v2.2
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Item #: ARD104D2P -

Seeeduino Stalker v2.2 Seeeduino Stalker is a feature rich Arduino compatible Wireless Sensor Network node. It's modular structure and onboard peripherals makes it convenient to log and time stamp sensor data on a periodic basis. The Seeeduino Stalker is a good candidate for all your tracking, monitoring and control projects.  Features Arduino compatible, based on Seeeduino Onboard microcontroller: ATmega328P Onboard Real Time Clock chip with a supercap as a backup power source...