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    PolyMide™ is a family of Nylon/polyamide based filaments. Produced with Polymaker’s Warp-Free™ technology, PolyMide™ filaments deliver engineering properties intrinsic to Nylon and ease of printing.

    PolyMide™ PA6-GF is a glass fiber reinforced PA6 (Nylon 6) filament. The material exhibits excellent thermal and mechanical properties without sacrificing the layer adhesion.

    We highly recommend to use a wear resistant nozzle, and to keep it at dry conditions (relative humidity of 15% or less) at all times to maintain the best printing results.


    Excellent Stiffness & Toughness - Featuring a tensile modulus of 4.4 GPA on the XY axis and 3.3 GPA on the Z axis, PolyMide™ PA6-GF is well suited for high performance industrial and engineering applications. PolyMide™ PA6-GF combines excellent stiffness and toughness.

    Excellent Heat Resistance - Featuring a heat deflection temperature of up to 191°C, PolyMide™ PA6-GF can be used to print parts working in a wide temperature range and has been utilized to create custom lab equipment working at temperatures as low as -190°C.

    Outstanding Layer Adhesion - All other brands of fiber reinforced material show a decrease in z-axis layer adhesion when compared with their non-fiber reinforced Nylons, producing a part that is only stronger on the X-Y axis but detrimental to the Z axis. Polymakers new technology in PolyMide™ PA6-GF not only solves this problem but actually increases Z axis tensile strength creating more isotropic parts that are strong in every direction.

    Wear Resistant and strong - Parts printed in PolyMide™ PA6-GF display excellent strength and wear resistant properties.

    Improved Printability – Unlike many other Nylon filaments, PolyMide™ PA6-GF is extremely easy to work with, exhibiting excellent dimensional stability. It is compatible with most filament-based 3D printers with no heated bed or chamber required!

    Uncompromised Quality - Polymakers leading quality control process and rigorous in-house testing ensure reliable printing and consistency across spools and batches.

    ** Please note this is a specialist filament. So before purchasing please check with our support team. We want to make sure that you get the best out of your filament and there are a number of factors to consider before printing with this specialist filament**

    Email us at support@mindkits.co.nz

    Storage: It is recommended to store PolyMaxTM PC-FR correctly to prevent moisture absorption which will lower the quality and the mechanical properties of the print. If the filament has absorbed moisture it can be dried at 75 ̊C for 6 hours in a convection oven.

    We suggest an eVaccum bag for storage.

    What is “Dry” and “Wet” State: Nylon materials are hygroscopic and printed parts willnaturally absorb moisture from the air and become moisture conditioned. Unless your 3D printed parts operate in particularly dry environments or are post processed with a moisture barrier, it’s generally assumed that all nylon printed parts will end up in their moisture conditioned properties in every-day use.

    ‐ This is a physical reaction which is completely reversible. The water molecules act as a plasticizer inside the nylon and while it decreases tensile strength and stiffness, it increases toughness and impact resistance.

    ‐ Once the material reaches equilibrium the part has become conditioned and will stop absorbing moisture.PA6 materials reach equilibrium at roughly 2.7% by weight in environments at 50% R.H (Moisture Conditioned State) and reach equilibrium at 9.5% by weight when saturated with water (Wet State).

    ‐ Dry state data represents the testing results of PolyMideTM PA6-GF after printing and annealing the part. Moisture conditioned state represents the properties of PolyMideTM PA6-GF after annealing and conditioning at 70% relative humidity for 15 days.