Portable Hand Crank Power Generator with Voltage Regulator

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    Reliable, self-sustainable power to individuals anywhere, anytime.

    This is a military standard, portable hand crank power generator and rechargeable emergency power, a must-have in the zombie survial list. Its usage ranges from field operations, rescue, natural disasters, survival training, emergency communications, power shortage, touring activities, and many more. Power your traffic radio, satellite phones, walkie-talkie, laptop, PDA, mobile phones, cameras, digital cameras, music CD, MP3, MP4, portable mobile TV, DVD, radio, flashlight, lanterns, electric tools, measuring instruments with this portable human powered generator. It is compatible with nickel metal hydride batteries, lead-acid battery and other kinds of batteries.
    • Portable, lightweight, easy-to-use, this hand crank generator provides power when you need it most
    • 0-28V output range with DC converter
    • Standard two-prong outlet interface, with multiple headers
    • Rotation Speed: 50~120 r/min
    • Output Voltage: 0~28V
    • Output Current: &;lt;=3A
    • Output Power: 10~30W
    • Size: 106*64*39 mm (4.17*2.52*1.54")
    • Weight: 700g
    • Hand generator x1
    • DC-DC converter (0~28V) x1