Price: $20.60


This is a really easy use prototyping plate. Basically you can put everything from Arduino board to sensors, even a motor on top of it. It fits M2-M3 screws.

NOTE: This product does not ship with the board shown above. Please check the shipping list below for reference.

  • Size:170x150mm (7x5.9&;#39;&;#39;)
  • Slot size:3mm (0.1&;#39;&;#39;)
  • Total weigt:350g (including all screws)

  • Prototyping Plate &;times;1
  • M3 screw set &;times;50
  • M3 * 10 Hexagonal Copper standoffs &;times;10
  • M3 * 10 Hexagonal Nylon standoffs &;times;10
  • M3 * 20 Hexagonal Nylon standoffs &;times;10
  • M3 * 30 Hexagonal Copper standoffs &;times;10
  • M3 * 50 Hexagonal Copper standoffs &;times;10