Price: $96.60


Features and Specifications:

(1) PVA is PolyVinyl Alcohol.It is a water soluble material.
(2) We use high quality original material. No bubbles appear when printing. This is the key to print good quality product.
(3) Customized colour is available. We can produce the filament according to the pantone colours which customers provide.
(4) Generally, we have 5 to 10 Tons in stock each month.
(5) Our filaments are compatible with all of the desk 3D printers.

Material: PVA
Colour: Skin Yellow
Filament Diameter:2.85mm
Roundness: + / - 0.02.85mm
Processing Temperature: 180-220 deg
Odor: Low smoke, tasteless, good for indoor printing
Water Absorption: Very low,no bubble occur when printing. Still needs to be wrapped when not in use.
Surface gloss: Good
Strength & Hardness: Stong & Hard
Stickness for layer to layer: Very good
Stickness for heat bed: Good
Packing Style: Winding in rolls
External Diameter of Roll: 200mm
Inner Diameter of Roll Hole: 55mm