RGB Color and Gesture Sensor For Arduino

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    Wave your hands and light turns on. Can you believe this magic turns into reality?

    This interactive sensor designed by DFRobot offers touchless gesture sensing, which means you can issue orders simply with a swipe of your hand! Furthermore, it supports RGB color detecting and ambient light measuring. With this arduino RGB Color and Gesture Sensor, traditional switch can be replaced.

    This gesture sensor has a high quality and accuracy: Its gesture sensor module uses the APDS-9960 chip (a single 8 pin package digital RGB, ambient light, short and gesture sensor device); infrared LED helps measuring the short-range and gestures. Moreover, the arduino gesture sensor is able to work under low- light conditions thanks to its RGB and environmental light perception measurement. In addition, integrated UV-IR shading filter can detect ambient light and color temperature.
    • Operating Voltage: 3.3-5V
    • Interface:
      • I2C interface x1
      • Interrupt pin x1
    • Detecting range: 100mm(3.94")
    • Module size: 18.3x16.4mm(0.72x0.65")
    • RGB and Gesture Sensor x1
    • PH2.54 5-pin header x1
    |Projects|Project 1. How to Make a Santa Alarm
    Using the new RGB color sensor available at DFRobot, I rigged up a simple proximity alarm. I can use this to warn me if someone is in a close range of my Christmas tree putting presents under there. The hardware of this project is pretty simple and suitable for beginners.
    1 x Bluno Microcontroller v2.0 (SKU: DFR0267)
    1 x Gesture Sensor
    1 x I/O Expansion Shield v7.1 (SKU: DFR0265) (the extra I/O’s are very useful and prevent messy wiring!)
    1 x Digital Buzzer Module (SKU: DFR0032)
    1 x 220R Resistor (any will do)
    1 x Red LED
    1 x Breadboard (for prototyping and checking the circuit – any will do.)
    Jumper Wires for connections