SHARP GP2Y0A41SKOF Infrared Distance Sensor (4-30cm)

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    This Infrared Proximity Sensor made by Sharp (model: GP2Y0A41SKOF) has an analog output which varies from 3.1V (4cm) to 0.3V (30cm) with a supply voltage between 4.5 and 5.5V DC. This sensor is great for sensing objects up to 30 cm away. It has a Japanese Solderless Terminal (JST) Connector which is compatible with our JST accessories.

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    When the robot wanders around and arrives at step or the edge of the table, it can detect that there is a cliff in front of it, on the left or right of it to avoid the cliff and protect itself, then continue its journey

    The things you need:

    SHARP GP2Y0A41SKOF Infrared Distance Sensor*3

    Digital Crash sensor (Left) *1

    Digital Crash sensor (Right) *1

    SRF08 Ultrasonic Sensor *1

    This project is essentially an NFC reader that you stick on your door. Every time you approach the door the circuit makes noise; the only way to stop the noise is to scan an NFC tag affixed to your keys against the reader. Thus, the noise means you won't ever forget your keys again! Let's dive in.

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    Arduino Leonardo

    Sharp IR Analog Distance Sensor

    NFC Reader

    NFC Tags (order as many as you want to have to put on key rings)

    Micro USB Cable

    Piezo Buzzer


    • Cleaning robot
    • Personal robot
    • Sanitary
    • Output: analog output
    • Detection Range: 4-30cm(1.57-11.81")
    • Voltage: 4.5?5.5V
    • Current: 33mA
    • Size: 40x20x13.5 mm(1.57x0.79x0.53")

    • SHARP GP2Y0A41SKOF IR ranger sensor x1
    • Sensor Cable x1