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Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo (BAM-PF001-P+SA001-AU)

4.50 stars, based on 2 reviews

Best printer we own.

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  • quality prints
  • fast
  • easy setup
  • a little noisey
Tim was great at giving feedback on what to expect from this printer before we purchased it, and it has exceeded our expectations. This 3d printer is amazing, the quality out of the box is great and it is very fast. I think my prusa mk3 and Voron 2.4 are going to be made redundant and will likely get replaced with more of these in the future.

Great product would highly recommend best in class

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Normally would give it 5 stars , but a for a few things were unexpected out of the box ,and some problems with PLA


- The easiest printer to run out of the box with in 30 minutes

- Great speed and quality with out much hustle

- Multicolor/Multi material is definitely the best in the class

- Better than Prusa, Ender, Davinci , Snapmaker

- Qualify is comparable with Prusa, but with in 1 hour of opening the box and tests ,while Prusa i3 mk3s can get the same quality after hours of tunning,not counting assembly) and Bambu is almost twice as fast with out mucking around.

- eASA -(eSun 3d eASA) print from the first time with no issues or special tunning( prints better than PLA at the moment) . Encloser and stable temperature helps

- As a whole package is probably one of the best printers i have seen with-in the price range

- With in first 10ish hours made 6 out of 8 good prints at very good speed

- Networked out of the box no need for additional hardware

Cons :

- Out of the box the vertical laser did not work needed Firmware upgrade

- Out of the box not well leveled plate - auto levelling compensates , but causes constant movement of the base plate for the same layer

- Strange PLA both bambu PLA and eSun Pla+ have issues especially on the first layer(worked around at 50% speed the first few layers) , eASA works actually better than PLA at 100% speed and that is for first. Could be related to the Cold plate and not very well levelled base , while ASA is at high temperature plate . The same problem with the internal provided PLA models

- Watching the live print on the Bambu studio uses Internet even in the same LAN , not sure why(possible Port) . But watching on the Mobile does not use Internet only local traffic strange both connected to the same Lan , one is WiFI other is ethernet, but different applications. Locally should not use the cloud for video

- Slicer is missing some of the new features and profiles from Prusa 2.6 but simpler to work with

Overall : Definitely worth the money and saves time and the easiest printer in my experience. i spend probably over 100 hour per printer tunning , just to print a 5 hour high quality model . Bambu first impressions has a good quality from the first print , Ultimaker pro is a lot more expensive and would love to try one. Prusa usually give very good quality , but ASA,PETG can be a bit of an issue without a box and practically no multicolor. And can be a lot more effort when it goes wrong or high quality or speed is needed

Would love to compare it with the Prusa Revo 0.6mm , need to get 0.6mm for this one