Gravity: 9 Pcs Sensor Set for Arduino

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    This is DFRobot's basic sensor set for arduino. Set includes light sensor, touch sensor, temperature sensor, magnetic sensor, vibration sensor, tilt sensor, big button, LED lighting module and Grayscale sensor.

    To connect these sensors to Arduino, we suggest to use our IO expansion shield V7.1 which has color coded pins that provides a much easier way to link sensors to microcontroller.

    • Analog Ambient light sensor (DFR0026) x1
    • Digital Capacitive touch sensor (DFR0030) x1
    • LM35 temperature sensor (DFR0023) x1
    • Digital magnetic sensor (DFR0033) x1
    • Digital Vibration sensor (DFR0027) x1
    • Digital tilt sensor (DFR0028) x1
    • Digital Big Push Button (DFR0029) x1
    • Led lighting module (DFR0021) x1