Sensor Shield V4.0 For Arduino

Item #: EL-MCS01002S
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        Arduino Sensor Shield V4.0 let us to build electronics projects just as easy as piling bricks. It can connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, potentiometers. Just plug & play.

        Each functional module has buckled port with VCC, GND and Output, which has corresponding port on the Sensor Shield, connected with a plain 2.54mm dual-female cable you may start playing already.

    Buckled brick cables are like cement for bricks, make the connections easier, secure and more professional looking.


    • Standard Shield designed, compatible with arduino and arduino compatible microcontroller boards
    • Analog/Digital inputs with VCC/GND
    • Digital IO port 13 ports prepared to digital modules or servos
    • Analog IO Port 6 ports prepared to analog sensor input
    • Buckled Communication Port - selectable between I2C and UART


    • Dimension:67.9 * 56.8mm


    Package list

    • Arduino Sensor shield PCBA x1;