PLA+ filament, 2.85mm (3.0mm Compatible), Gold, 1kg/spool

Item #: MK-PLA300GO
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    PLA+ filament, 2.85mm, Gold, 1kg/spool

    We want to bring you the most consistent and excellent filament possible and at a price that you can afford. We partnered with a company who custom make our plastic for us and have plastic engineers on site to ensure you get only the best quality filament.

    What's more, each high quality roll comes on an easy turning plastic spool. We then have each roll vacuum sealed in an airtight plastic bag with a desiccant inside and finally packaged in a protective cardboard box so that your plastic is in the best possible condition and free of moisture when it gets to you. No one likes buying filament and discovering it's been soaking up moisture for a year in someone's warehouse.

    Check out our conductive filaments, UV reactive filament, flexible filament, glass transparent filament and glow-in-the-dark specialty filaments. You'll love them.

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    PLA+ (Polylactic acid) is thermoplastic aliphatic polyester made of renewable resources like corn or starch. Its extrusion-temperature is much lower than ABS, and most often doesn ۪t require a heated bed. It has the following characteristics:

    1. Good toughness high strength, high stiffness

    2. Good stickiness to the hot bed

    3. Can be processed at 185c degrees but 210c seems to be ideal

    4. Low shrinkage, thermoforming dimensional stability

    5. Accurate diameter:2.85(ideal for printers with a bowden cable) variations + / -0.1mm, roundness +/-0.05mm;

    6. PLA+ is reported by the manufacturer as being 10 times tougher than the PLA


    Colour24 colours available
    Diameter2.85mm (3.0mm Compatible)
    Filament weight1 Kg
    Print Temperature175 - 200 C
    Compatible withUltimaker and other 2.85mm FDM 3D printers (check your printer for which diameter you need)
    Package1kg/spool, sealed plastic bag with desiccants