EB- Starter Kit

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    This Electronic Brick Starter kit is just for the Arduino newbies, it includes the most widely used modules, especially these for Arduino new starters. As the advantage of Electronic Brick, user can build their own projects without knowing anything about soldering&drivers.

    Detailed guidebook is also prepared, it helps the starters get the basic knowledge of Arduino and usage of each modules step by step. After your careful reading&learning of this guidebook, it would be sure that you will be able to make your dream into reality, with Arduino!


    • 1x Electronic Brick Shield
    • 1 x EB-I2C LCD
    • 1x EB-RGB LED
    • 4x EB-Color LED
    • 1x EB-LED Button
    • 1x EB-Button
    • 1x EB-Momentary Button
    • 1x EB-Relay
    • 1x EB-Buzzer
    • 1x EB-I2C RTC
    • 1x EB-Water Sensor
    • 1x EB-Humidity&Temp Sensor
    • 1x EB-Light Sensor
    • 1x EB-Tilt Sensor
    • 1x EB-Ultrasonic Sensor
    • 1x EB-Infrared Sensor
    • 1x EB-PIR Motion Sensor
    • 1x EB-9g Servo
    • 1x EB-IR Remote Controller
    • 1x EB-RF Transmitter
    • 1x EB-RF Receiver
    • 40P Female Dupont Wires
    • 9V Battery Connector
    • A-B USB Cable
    • Box