IMU 10DOF L3G4200D + ADXL345 + HMC5883L + BMP180

Item #: EL-SM080110DOF
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    This IMU 1DOF is based on the sensor L3G4200D, ADXL345, HMC5883L and BMP180.
    The L3G4200D is a low-power three-axis angular rate sensor able to provide unprecedented stablility of zero rate level and sensitivity over temperature and time. It includes a sensing element and an IC interface capable of providing the measured angular rate to the external world through a digital interface (I2C/SPI).
    The ADXL345 is a small, thin, low power, three-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement up to 16 g. The ADXL345 is well suited for mobile device applications. It measures the static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion or shock. Its high resolution (4mg/LSB) enables resolution of inclination changes of as little as 0.25\xb0. The Honeywell HMC5883L is designed for low-field magnetic sensing with a digital interface for applications such as low-cost compassing and magnetometry
    The HMC5883L includeshigh-resolution HMC118X series magneto-resistive sensors plus an ASIC containing amplification, automatic degaussing strap drivers, offset cancellation, and a 12-bit ADC that enables 1\xb0 to 2\xb0 compass heading accuracy.
    The BMP180 is the function compatible successor of the BMP085, a new generation of high precision digital pressure sensors for consumer applications. The ultra-low power, low voltage electronics of the BMP180 is optimized for use in mobile phones, PDAs, GPS navigation devices and outdoor equipment.


    • Three selectable full scales (250/500/2000dps)
    • Factor in all g-ranges, up to 13-bit resolution at ±16 g
    • 12-Bit ADC Coupled with Low Noise ARM Sensors Achieves 5 milli-gauss Resolution in ±8 Gauss Fields
    • Pressure range:300 to1100hPa (+9000m to -500m above sea level)
    • I2C interfaces
    • Power supply: 3-5v


    • Gaming and virtual reality input devices
    • Vibration monitoring and compensation
    • GPS navigation systems
    • Appliances and robotics
    • Weather forecast

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