Component Kit with Resistance Card for Arduino E2

Item #: EL-ACA09802A
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    This kit has more than 7 components for the beginners. You may learn about Arduino through using these basic projects by using your own hands. Try any circuit what you want to the Arduino and accomplish your creation.


    • Various of components
    • Universal and for Arduino


    • Box size: 145 x 90 x 40mm
    • Weight: 170g

    Package list

    • 400-hole bread board x1
    • Bread Line 30 x1 sheaf
    • F5 Red LED x10
    • F5 Green LED x10
    • Three-color plug-in component x1
    • 10NF 103 ceramic capacitor x10
    • 100NF 104 ceramic capacitor x10
    • 100UF ceramic capacitor x5
    • 330Ohm resister x10
    • 1K resister x10
    • 10K resister x10
    • Tilting switch(light green) x1
    • Thermistor(dark green) x1
    • Photoresistance x1
    • Active element x1
    • 9g steering engine x1
    • Small push button switch x5
    • Triangle tilt switch red x5
    • Resistor card x1
    • Plastic box 503 x1
    • Adjustable rheostat 103 x1

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