Generic Parts Kit for Arduino E3

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    This is the Kit for Raspberry Pi, developed especially for those beginners who are interested in Raspberry Pi. It has more than 21 kinds of components in it. You won’t need to worry about that you don\'t have proper materials. This do save you a lot of time, so you just need to focus on your project, be more creative, and make some amazing product.


    • Universal parts for Arduino


    • Box size: 185 x 90 x 45mm
    • Weight: 330g

    Package list

    • Plastic box x1
    • Jumper wire x140
    • 830-hole bread board x1
    • Bread board power module black x1
    • Bread line 65 x1 sheaf
    • 1 x 40 glignment x2
    • 1K resister x30
    • 1M resister x30
    • 4.7K resister x30
    • 47K resister x30
    • 10K resister x30
    • 100K resister x30
    • 100R resister x30
    • Red LED x3
    • Yellow LED x3
    • Green LED x3
    • White LED x3
    • 12 x12 x 7.3 big keys x6
    • Red, blue, white round hat 3 x 3
    • Green, white square hat 2 x 3

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