Ultimaker S5 Air Manager

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    Air Manager

    The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager provides a closed, inside-out airflow throughout the printing process. This leads to a better-controlled environment inside the build chamber and filters up to 95% of ultra-fine particles created while printing.

    The result?

    A safer work environment and peace of mind when printing with a wider range of materials with an Ultimaker S5.

    Optimised software profiles precisely control filtering for every Ultimaker material and over 40 third-party filaments. So you can focus on creating the perfect 3D printed part with any material you choose. No worries about UFPs, and no extra time configuring your printer.

    Key Features of the Air Manager

    EPA filter: Removes up to 95% of UFPs
    Controlled extraction: Inside-out airflow optimised for filtering and print quality
    Enhanced safety: Physical barrier prevents reaching inside the printer
    Optimised for your application: Detects material being used and adjusts airflow
    Easy setup: Printer detects when the Air Manager is connected
    Smart monitoring: Printer tracks filter usage and prompts replacement


    Filter technology EPA filter
    Fan technology Air extraction by low-noise brushless fan
    Air refresh rate 1 - 50 m3/h (35 m3/h nominal rate for most materials at 23°C)
    Filter efficiency Up to 95%
    Filter replacement Recommended every 1,500 print hours (approx. 1 year)
    Operating sound < 51 dBA (including Ultimaker S5)
    Connection (data and power) UMB connection (included)
    Compatible 3D printers Ultimaker S5
    Compatible materials Optimised for Ultimaker PLA, Tough PLA, ABS, Nylon, CPE, CPE+, PC, PP,
    TPU 95A, PVA, Breakaway (Also supports third-party materials)

    Physical dimensions Dimensions 490 x 503 x 350 mm
    Dimensions (including Ultimaker S5) 490 x 503 x 967 mm
    Net weight 3.6 kg

    Software Supplied software Ultimaker Cura, our free print preparation software
    Ultimaker Connect, our free printer management solution
    Ultimaker Cloud, enables remote printing

    Warranty period 12 months