Ultimaker PA Black 750g Spool - 2.85mm (3.0mm Compatible)

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    Abrasion resistant and Durable

    Used by many manufacturers worldwide, Nylon (polyamide) is well-known for its impressive durability, high strength-to-weight ratio, flexibility, low friction, and corrosion resistance. Its ability to withstand significant mechanical stress makes it a great choice for 3D printing tools, functional prototypes, and end-use parts. From toys to aerospace components, Nylon is embraced by engineers and manufacturers worldwide for an array of applications that require impact and abrasion resistance.

    Please note that the preconfigured Cura profiles for Ultimaker Nylon have been exclusively developed for the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 2+. The instructions on this page are for these 3D printers only. Always use the latest version of Cura (2.1.3 or higher) and make sure that your 3D printer is updated with the latest firmware version to include the correct material profile for Ultimaker Nylon.

      Reasons to choose Ultimaker Nylon

      • Industrial-grade impact and abrasion resistance
      • Durable
      • High strength-to-weight ratio
      • Low friction coefficient
      • Good corrosion resistance to alkalis and organic chemicals
      • Reduced humidity absorption when compared to other Nylon filaments
      • Seamless 3D printing experience
      • Prints in dual extrusion with PVA on Ultimaker 3

      For more information, download the Technical data sheet and safety data sheet for Ultimaker materials here.

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