Weather Station Kit with Solar Panel

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    The fast pace of modern life greatens the distance between human and nature, making more kids caged in the concrete jungle. However, interacting with nature is an indispensable part in their growth. Weather itself, can be an accessible yet interesting subject for kids to study. Through meteorological observations, recording and analyzing, kids can literally learn and do science that is combined seamlessly with their daily life activities.

    From terraces to living rooms, in backyards and in classrooms, this DIY Weather Station Kit can be used in measuring both indoor and outdoor data concerning temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. It comes with a solar panel, which provides auxiliary power supply to the system. This DIY Weather Station Kit is both energy-saving and green, and can help to develop kids's interest in natural science.

    Version Upgrade: The BMP085 Barometer Sensor has been upgraded to BMP280 module, please download the new library & code ——2017/12/12


    • Choking Hazard - There are micro components included in this kit. Please keep it away from kids under six.
    • This product is not waterproof. Please keep it away from rain.
    • This product is not pre-assembled - Check user guide below to see how to assemble.
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Size: 190*140*100mm (7.48*5.51*3.94")
  • Weight: 640g
  • Controller: Paletter Board x1
  • Self Adhesive Mini Breadboard x1
  • LCD1602 Module x1
  • Capactive Touch Sensor x1
  • Solar Lipo Charger x1
  • Polymer Lithium Ion Battery 3.7v x1
  • DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor x1
  • Gravity: i2C BMP280 Barometer Sensor x1
  • Real Time Clock Module (DS323) x1
  • 3mm Bassword Lasercut Peices x1
  • F/M Jumper Cables x15
  • F/F Jumper Cables x10
  • Aluminium Foil x1
  • Blu Tack x1
  • Screw Pack x1
  • Screw Driver x1
  • |Documents|
  • Weather Station V1.0 User Manual
  • Weather Station V2.0 User Manual
  • Arduino Library and Code (BMP085 Version) (Required IDE 1.0.x, the higher IDE 1.6.x will have a compiling error)
  • Arduino Library and Code (BMP280 Version) (Compatible with 1.0.x, 1.6.x, 1.8.x)

    • DIY weather station KIT x1