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WIZnet Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway - WIZ110SR
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"The WIZ110SR is a gateway module that converts RS-232 protocol into TCP/IP. It enables remote gauging, managing and control of TCP/IP devices through an RS-232 serial interface. In other words, WIZ110SR is a protocol converter that transmits the data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data type and converts back the TCP/IP data received through the network into serial data to transmit back to the equipment. The main components of the WIZ110SR are a WIZnet W5100 embedded ethernet controller...

WIZnet W5100 Network Module with Mag Jack - WIZ811MJ
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Sparkfun Item #: DEV-09473 -

"WIZnet’s WIZ811MJ works as a breakout board for their W5100 embedded TCP/IP chip. Also included on the board is an RJ-45 MagJack connector (RJ45 with X’FMR). It can be used as a component and little effort is required to interface to the W5100. The WIZ811MJ is an ideal option for users who want a simple solution to adding TCP/IP capability to their project. There is no on-board regulation, so you’ll need to supply clean/regulated power sources. All pins of the W5100 are...